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We Are Coming back


Who We Are

Once upon a time, as enthusiastic beard lovers, we walked headfirst into the world of grooming, exploring the finest ingredients and formulations used worldwide. Fueled by our passion, we collaborated with experts, crafting our unique formulations using high-quality ingredients. But our story didn't end there. Inspired by our journey, we were determined to redefine & bring this knowledge down under. And thus, "Beard Battalion" a men's grooming company was born, devoted to creating extraordinary products. Join us on this exciting adventure as we redefine grooming with a touch of companionship and sophistication.

At Beard Battalion, we only use the finest natural & tested ingredients in our products, so you can trust that your skin and hair are receiving the best care mother nature can offer. Our line of beard oils, facewash, and shampoo are specially formulated to nourish and hydrate your facial hair & skin, leaving it looking healthy, shiny, and well-groomed. 


We believe that true humility comes from taking care of oneself. We want to inspire men to be humble, yet confident in their appearance while supporting other brothers out there that may lack confidence and to take pride in their self-care routine in a united manner. As our founder once said, "A man who takes care of himself is a man who takes care of others."  We believe that by taking care of ourselves, we can strive to be better humans.

Join our Battalion of men/brothers who take pride in their grooming and let us help you be your best self.

Beard Battalion

"For the man who cares"

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